WKSH 97.3 LPFM is a commercial FM radio station licensed to serve D.C. Metropolitan Area. The station is owned by FJB Enterprise and broadcast "To Play What You Wanna Hear, Not What You Wanna Hear"! 


For the past 10 years, WKSH 97.3FM has become one of the hottest low power stations in the DMV area. Kash Monee has proven that he is more than just your ordinary, around the block DJ. He became one of the first hosts turned radio station owner with a "Daily Listening Hours" totaling 10,903,391 globally. 


DABEAT 97.3 LPFM offers unified marketing solutions and

delivers the power of local connections with neighboring business owners. We are striving to become the #1

independent content creator of live, original, local audio content that's unparalleled. 


DABEAT 97.3 LPFM and all of its million-plus radio listeners are committed to supporting community partners creating change supported hundreds of local community-based organizations 

 that improves the daily lives of others. WKSH 97.3FM regionwide.

     A native of Miami, Florida, DJ Kash Monee became fascinated with the art and technique of scratching records, at the young age of 15. By trial and error, he began perfecting the technique of scratching. After, studying the technique of becoming a DJ, he finally wanted to pursue his hobby on more professional bases. Realizing it would take more money and better equipment. He became very inventive and learned how to build additional equipment, and begin spinning for his neighborhood. Eventually, he became close with a deejay named "D.C. FATS", who realized, DJ Kash Monee was someone with special, natural, born talent. D.C. Fats, seeing Kash needed to develop more, took Kash under his wing and they begin traveling together, creating music for the streets.    


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